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  • Description

Magic Nail Polisher is a perfect tool for your nail care.

Magic Nail Polisher is a new-technology enhanced one step manual nail care product. You can file, buff, polish with Magic Nail Polisher at once with it. It is easy to use, effortless and lasts long. It protects your nail health with no use of chemicals such as buffing creams.
Traditional nail shiners require 3~4 steps (file, smooth, buff and shine). With Magic Nail Polisher, you can shine your nail with only 1 step at 30 seconds (5~10min. for 10 nails).



  • Features

Easy: File, Buff, Polish at once
Fast: Shiny Nails just in 10 min.
Long: Lasting 2 weeks
Durable: Made of Tempered Glass
Healthy: Non Toxic Substances
Clean: Very Little Dust during Polishing
Easy to Clean: Water Washable
No Hangnails

  • Comparision Chart

Option Magic Nail Polisher Other Polishers Opaque Manicure Remark


Steps1 step2~3 steps1 step-
MaterialTempered GlassFoamChemicals-
Working Time5~10 min.20~30 min.5 min.

For 10 nails

Lasting Period10~20 days2~3 days10 days-
Period of Use12 months1 month--
CleaningEasyDifficult (1 time use)Chemical Needed-

For Your Health

GoodGoodVery Bad-

Magic Nail Polisher is especially recommended for Pregnant, Nurses, Cooks, Chemical Treaters, Teachers.



  • How to Use

File your nail edges smoothly.
Polish your nail surface gently with rough surface of the polisher.