• Cards

ID cards are usually made of PVC plastics. Card dimensions are usually 85.60 × 53.98 mm, standardized under ISO/IEC 7810 as ID-1. Access control cards, membership cards, national ID cards, telephone cards, health insurance cards and bank cards are mainly used.

All types and formats of blank cards, custom printed cards, magnetic stripe, contact smartcards, contactless smartcards are available.


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  • Card Printer Ribbons

High qualified thermal transfer, direct dye sublimation, retransfer ribbons are available.


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  • Laminations

In order to improve card security, hologram features can be printed on cards. Customized lamination film is available.
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Lamination Effects: Rainbow Coloring, Grayscale Coloring, True Coloring, Switch (Multi Channel) Effect, 2D/3D, Stereogram, Guilloche Patterns, Embossed Effect, Wireframe Text, Morphing Geometrical Shapes, Latent Effect Hidden Image, Micro Text, Nano Text, Single Axis CLR, Dual Axis CLR, Holographic Watermark, Font Specific Text, Micro Imagery, Hybrid Micro Optical Structures, Intaglio Etching, Line Width Modulation (LWM), Aural Line Width Modulation (ALWM), etc.


  • Card Printers

A card printer is an electronic desktop printer with single card feeders which print and personalize plastic cards. All types of cards printers are available.